Donna Snow

A Different Kind of Strength

"the difference is not in exercises for core strength, core stability or core endurance…but in strengthening the ability of the core to handle rotational force every time you take a step"… it’s specific strength trained with ground-based rotation that improves the way you move.

Standing Firm®…where power begins

The sports medicine leader in rotational training for core stability and power.

We have done exercises (on Standing Firm®) with both players and our sports medicine staff and have seen an immediate response. You can feel specific muscles being challenged and working hard.

Aaron Nelson 

Head Athletic Trainer

Phoenix Suns

As a strength and conditioning coach and ATC, I take a dualistic approach to my job. I’m looking to enhance the performance of my athletes as well as ensure their durability. The Standing Firm® is a versatile tool that can be used for either performance enhancement or injury prevention/rehab purposes

Josh Seligman MS,ATC,RSCC

Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach

Milwaukee Brewers

Rotation Training for Golf

Tiger Woods is the poster boy of strength training for golf. The dominance of his game and his view on strength training has wooed many golfers into the gym for the first time. But golf is a rotational sport and strength training emphasizes linear movement, so how does strength training transfer to the golf swing… or does it?

Diagonal muscles that create stability (much like guy wires on a bridge) are often overlooked in a gym workout for the stronger, linear muscles known for strength. When pure strength overtakes rotational stability, injuries occur…as in the case of Tiger Woods.

Standing Firm® places the focus on the rotation of the the hip joint, utilizing a ground-based rotational disc to activate the diagonal, stabilizing muscles. Balanced rotation in external and internal rotation not only improves stability but also range of motion in the hips and core, translating to greater control and power in your swing.

Does Strength Training Improve Movement?

Working out in the gym has it’s own rewards…feeling better, more energy, weight loss - but can working out in the gym improve how you move?

According to a new study involving a one-leg squat, apparently not…although the squat mechanics improved on the gym floor, running mechanics on the track did not improve.

Strength training does a lot of things but it doesn’t improve stability in movement or athleticism per se. It’s muscular stability that produces better movement. 

Stability in movement involves the balance of muscles around the rotational hip joint. A rotation disc is a perfect tool to work those muscles. Standing on a disc while performing single leg exercises challenges the anti-rotation of the core and hips.

Standing Firm® is a new product that takes rotational stability to the next level. A rotational disc set in a sturdy base allows for precision hip exercises that reach every angle while resistance bands create the ultimate oblique-defining core workout.

Rotational Exercises Prevent Injuries and Improve Power

Rotational force is important to consider when training athletes but it’s the least understood force in the field of sports and movement training. Most exercise programs are linear and emphasize the larger show muscles neglecting the supporting stabilizer muscles. But it’s diagonal stabilizer muscles that help prevent injury and improve power.

Standing Firm® addresses rotational force the way your body experiences it…from the ground up, by utilizing a rotational disc and resistance bands.

Diagonal rotational forces activate stabilizers of the ankle, knee and hip plus the core oblique muscles.                                      


a) knee bends and straightens back against resistance…linear

b) the resistance band on the rotation disc is diagonal creating rotational force from the rotation disc to activate the stabilizers

c) the disc rotates so the stabilizer muscles work as anti-rotators

Understanding and utilizing rotational force will improve your athletic ability  with the added bonus that working diagonal, oblique muscles helps create a stronger and sexier body.